Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

iTunes Party Shuffle and Assorted Thoughts

I've spent a lot of time in the basement today, working on cleaning off the pile of junk stuff that's accumulated on the [poker|bumper pool] table. During this time, I've had iTunes spinning some tunes via the new "Party Shuffle" feature. This is really the first time I've spent any time with iTunes since getting the newest version. I really dig it.

Also, there's a thunder storm a-brewing. I dig that, too. But I hope it doesn't rob me of my electricity. I need that for the aforementioned iTunes. Also, I'll be needing it when I get around to working on my Sunday School lesson some more.

The handbell choir is playing at church tomorrow. It's the last time we play for a while -- we always take the summer off. I'm looking forward to the break. I need to remember to go to the early service. I'm seriously considering dropping out of the choir next year. If I do, it'll help free up my Thursday evenings. It'll also put the choir in a bit of a lurch since I currently cover the lowest 2-4 positions.

My tooth hurts. It's got a temporary on it right now -- it has had the temp on it for about two or three weeks. I'm going back to the dentist on Tuesday to get the temporary replaced with an onlay (kinda like a crown, but it doesn't replace as much tooth as a crown replaces). I can't wait for that to happen -- I don't like having impending dental work looming over my head and I'm looking forward to the pain going away.

I love xjournal. I wish there were an LJ client as nice as it for Windows, when I need to post from a Windows box.

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