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I came home for lunch and a little break from work. I've got several blog entries in my head. I doubt I'll get around to putting all of them in the blog, but I can at least take a few minutes now and blog my reading list.

I'm doing well against my goal of an average of a book a month this year. Only six months into the year, I've completed seven books. When I last spoke of my reading, I was beginning Mitchner's The Covenant. Well, I got about 100 pages into it and decided I needed an intermission, so I picked up a copy of Ender's Game. It's a book that most of my friends have read -- many of them having read it in high school. After my recent foray into Card's Sarah and Rebeccah, I had an appetite for more of his work. Last week, I was at the bookstore and found a paperback copy of Ender's Game, so I went ahead and picked it up.

I finished reading it (save half of the introduction) last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

sidelobe lent me a copy of the next book in the series, Speaker For The Dead, which I thought I'd pick up once I conquered another hundred pages of The Covenant. Really, that was my plan. But, once I got home, I started thumbing through it a little and I've found myself well into the first chapter. So, it seems that I may end up going ahead and reading it before I get back to my Mitchner.

Regardless, it really is nice to be reading with some regularity again.

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Jun. 29th, 2004 06:14 pm (UTC)
Ender's Game
That's a fantastic book. I read it about 5 years ago, then went out and bought Speaker For The Dead and Xenocide. I stopped reading the series with Xenocide, because it contained such a bad deux ex machina that it made the rest of the plot pointless.
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