Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Psycho Beach Party

I'm watching Psycho Beach Party. (OK, not really -- it's just on in the background. Really, I swear I'm not really watching it.) I hear some surfer music and turn around to see a bunch of kids dancing on the beach while a small rock band wearing Mexican wrestling masks are playing the surfer tunes. A small band wearing Mexican wrestling masks? Could it be? Yes! It's Los Straitjackets! They're a fun band -- thanks to beeler for turning me on to them and getting me to go see them in Raleigh a few months ago. They're definitely odd ducks.

Oh, and Psycho Beach Party is a terrible movie. I'm sure it's only getting play because Lauren Ambrose is getting so popular in Six Feet Under now. Personally, I prefer my bad movie madness to come from Jack Frost (No, not the one with Michael Keaton, but the one about a genetically mutated serial killer snowman.), which was the breakout movie for Shannon Elizabeth.

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