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Smells like... Sunday School?

I just got back from Sunday School, slightly annoyed by the youth in our church. Today is the one Sunday during the year when the church's youth group leads the worship service. It usually goes very well, and is a great experience for the congregation, especially those people who are associated with the youth group in some way. I don't know how today's service went, because after what happened in Sunday School today, I was decidedly not in a worshipful mood, so I just came on home.

As a class, we're still in the Psalms. We're having a wonderful time studying them. Today, we were going to look at Psalms 11-13, but we ended up generating enough discussion about 11 and 12 that we didn't have time to look at 13. That's fine, we'll start with it next time. It was really tough to get through our discussion of Psalm 12, however, because of the activity of the youth group in the room right next to us. Our classroom is right next to the choir room -- in fact, there is a door that leads from our room into the choir room. Originally, I think our room was designed to be used to practice handbells and store various things related to the music ministry. One of the results of having a room that is connected to the choir room is that our class is often treated to sounds of the choir warming up before the second service. It's usually not a big deal at all because the choir starts warming up at about the same time as the class is finishing the lesson. Often, I use the fact that the choir is warming up as a sign that it's time to start wrapping up the lesson.

Today, however, the youth that were involved in the service were using the choir room as a place to have their own personal listening lounge. About ten minutes before it was time to wrap up class, I hear a familiar guitar intro being loudly played from the choir room. Someone had decided to put in a copy of Nirvana's Nevermind and regale us with Cobain's masterpiece of angst and anger: Smells Like Teen Spirit. Here I am trying to make a point about the David's great faith in times of trouble, and my points are being accentuated against the backdrop of Cobain screaming to be entertained from the next room. Just about the time I decided to bang on the door (even though we share a door, it's locked so that I can't open it) to let them know they were being disruptive, someone turned off the music. Still, the mood was essentially ruined.

*grumble grumble grumble* This is not a good way to start the week.

To end on a happy note, I'd like to mention that I had a great time yesterday when beeler and reba_quate came over to visit and we ended up playing music for several hours. Loads of fun all around. beeler recorded some of our messing around, perhaps some of it will surface sometime.

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