Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Announcing drmellow_flickr

I just created drmellow_flickr as the syndicated account to catch pictures I upload to my Flickr Photostream. Mostly, these will be pictures that I send from my camera phone, but it might include other pictures as I play around with Flickr some more. These pictures may or may not appear in my normal (drmellow) blog as well. It looks like the RSS feed includes the description that I enter, which is is cool -- when I use the "auto post to LJ" feature, it only posts the picture, not the description. If you do decide to follow drmellow_flickr and make comments on any of the entries, just be aware that I may or may not see them since I won't get email notifications for them because it's a syndicated LJ account.

Anyway, Flickr seems fun to play with.

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