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ARGH! Bugs! So many bugs in our code (only one in code I wrote, though) that our manager made us come in on a Saturday. And this bug is driving me batty. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Try adding up lots of numbers (all of which represent money) and shove the result in various database tables to be retrieved later. Of course, dealing with precision problems is somewhat a pain. Somehow in the instance I'm looking at, when my program does the addition, it comes up with one number, but when it stuffs the result in the table, it puts a number that is three cents less than the number it came up with. I'm almost sure it's a loss of precision problem, but the code that this is based off of is sooooo convoluted that there are about a bazillian places that the loss of precision can occur.

Oh, well. I just wanted to vent.

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