Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Introducing drmellow_mando

I just created a journal to chronicle all things related to my mandolin: drmellow_mando. Hopefully, drmellow_mando will be a daily recollection of what I practiced, what my current playing goals are, etc. I say hopefully, 'cause I haven't always been good at practicing every day, but I'm trying to get more consistent with that.

There will be some overlap between mando-related posts in this blog and in drmellow_mando, but there will be a lot of of differences, too, as drmellow_mando will concentrate on the minutia, which I'll tend to keep out of this blog. For example, the first post in drmellow_mando deals with the details of today's practice.

Feel free to add drmellow_mando to your reading list, especially if you can't get enough of the mandolin content in this blog.

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