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Bruce Hornsby

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“[crowd noise] Having a great time at the Bruce Hornsby show. He's playing "That's Just The Way It Is" right now. He's a really funny guy - this is the first time I've ever seen him play live. I've heard a couple of his tapes and I have several of his studio recordings, but, uh, he is quite the showman. Quite an enjoyable concert. Outside at the Cary Regency Park Amphitheatre. Outside under the stars. It's a beautiful night. Beautiful music. I'm having a great time.”

Transcribed by: drmellow

Bruce Hornsby Show Relaxing At The Bruce Hornsby Show Enjoying The Wine Bruce Hornsby SHow

yarbiedoll and I had a great time at the Bruce Hornsby show in Cary tonight. Pictured above: the stage before the show, drmellow relaxing before the show (photo credit: yarbiedoll), yarbiedoll enjoying the yummy wine we bought at the show, the stage in the middle of the show (photo credit: yarbiedoll).

This was my first Bruce Hornsby show, and I had a great time. He's really funny -- he had a great time bantering with people in the audience. His music, of course, was amazing. He played a few songs from his new album, which I enjoyed enough to purchase. He played "Mandolin Rain" (my favorite Bruce Hornsby song) for the encore.

The highlight of the show was right before the encore, when people from the audience jumped up on stage to dance. I expected them to be quickly escorted off the stage, but instead they were encouraged. By the time the song was over, there was probably around a hundred audience members on the stage dancing and having a great time. yarbiedoll tells me that it's a pretty common occurrence at Bruce shows -- she said that she got a chance to dance on the stage at one of the shows she went to.

After the show, I introduced myself to one of the tapers who said that his copy of the show should be available on etree tomorrow if the quality of the tape is good, or in a few weeks if he has to work on it. I got his business card, too. I'm really looking forward to getting a copy of the show.

All in, it was a great evening. Bruce is definitely someone I'm adding to my list of "must see performers" when he comes close.

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