Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

M*A*S*H Doctor Veterans for Truth

Thanks to Instapundit (syndicated as glenn_reynolds) for pointing out some great satire (or is that parody?) - M*A*S*H Doctor Veterans for Truth:
This half-hour on HARDBALL, Korean Veteran Dr. Ben Pierce, Frank Burn's longtime nemesis, on his contested new book, "Frank Burns Eats Worms." Dr. Pierce is here to debate Dr. Frank Burns, the Democratic nominee for President.

Dr. Burns and Dr. Pierce served together in the same unit in Korea but while Dr. Burns returned home to a successful practice and political career - Dr. Pierce suffered a mental breakdown and is now making a living as an author attacking the beloved Frank Burns and his politics reportedly at the behest of the Republican Party.
Text continued at site....

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