Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Quick Update: I'm Busy

I haven't had time to update recently, and I don't really have time now. But I want to make a few notes that may turn into real updates later, if I get the time to flush them out.

  • I'm really busy at work.
  • I'm really busy at home, too.
  • I changed my mandolin strings over the weekend. It takes me the entire length of My Big Fat Greek Wedding to change the strings.
  • I'm really busy at work.
  • I had a great time at the family reunion this weekend, even though ccohoon couldn't make it and there was no Gasoline Mousetrap reunion. yarbiedoll wrote a little bit about the weekend. I lost the croquet game. Well, not quite -- I did manage to beat my six year old cousin. Barely.
  • I got sunburned playing volleyball.
  • I got home from the reunion to find a couple of messages on my answering machine informing me that the daughter of one of the couples from my Sunday School class died unexpedly over the weekend. Her funeral is later this morning. I'll be attending it.
  • I think we finally have a handle of how we're going to be able to use our iPlanet application server to do what we're trying to do. I still think the iPlanet app server is a pile of poo, but I'm also starting to reacquaint myself with the pile of poo that is getting the Java cryptography extensions (which are built into 1.4) to work with 1.3. It's not fun.
  • SAML is pretty cool.
  • My mandolin lesson is today and I haven't practiced the piece Jeff showed me last week yet. I might have run through it once or twice over the weekend, but I'm not sure. Instead of working on Dusty Miller, I taught myself how to play Cripple Creek in G instead of A. Dobro and banjo players tend to want to play it in G.
  • My mother and my grandparents are coming to visit tonight.
  • It sure did rain a lot last night.

There's probably other stuff I could write about. Maybe I will, if I get time a little later.


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