Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Impossible To Judge

I just recieved a company-wide email promoting an internal contest. Unfortunately, with the rules they've outlined, it's impossible to judge who will win:
The first team to have the highest percentage of [its team members] [complete a task] WINS!
Since the judging is based on the highest percentage of team members completing a task, it would seem that the percentages would have to be computed once the contest time period is over. Then a comparison between the various percentages can be made. In order to do that, there must be a cut-off time at which point the percentages are calculated. However, there is no cut-off time -- this contest is over when the first team obtains the highest percentage of members completing the task. That's too many variables -- you need to either fix the percentage that constitutes a win, or fix the end time.

I suppose that these rules can be objectively interpreted as meaning that the first team to reach 100% completion wins. However, I doubt any team will have 100% completion.

I really should join dot_pedantic for this sort of stuff.

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