Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Downtime Testing

The product I've been working on at the office is about to be released into production. We're currently in our final testing period. Combined with the other work I've been doing at the office (see recent complaints about the iPlanet application server, e.g.), this has made for a couple of hectic weeks recently.

Testing for this release has been interesting. The part of the release I've worked on connects to another system and displays information that the other system provides. One of my coworkers asked me if I'd heard anything about what the status of that system was, because he hasn't been able to successfully test anything -- we've been getting several flavors of errors originating from the other system and we couldn't figure out why.

Eventually, we discovered that the other system was down for "downtime testing." Wow. It sure would have been nice for them to let us know they were planning on doing that in the middle of our final testing period. Anyway, my coworker summed it up perfectly:
i guess since it will be down more often than not, they have to do a lot of downtime testing
The thing is, we've never been satisfied with the performance of the other system. It got to the point we were making sure that the error messages specifically noted the originating point of the error, so that our end users wouldn't think something was wrong with our product every time we encountered an error with the other system. I agree with my coworker: I think their system will be down more often than not.

Anyway, it was a welcome bit of humor during this hectic period at the office.

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