Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Allman Brothers Band: Charlotte

Speaking of partying with drmellow and crew, yarbiedoll, beeler, and reba_quate and I are going to go to see The Allman Brothers Band in Charlotte next Saturday night (October 2). You know you want to join in on that fun. We're doing the lawn seating thing, so go ahead and get yourself some lawn seats and plan on coming to the show, too. Let me know you're coming and we can try to catch up with each other on the lawn. Oh, yeah, Lynyrd Skynyrd is the opening band.

yarbiedoll and I are also going to the Raleigh show the night before, but we've got seats in the pavillion for that show. After the show, we'll probably head out to The Lincoln Theatre to catch The Yonrico Scott Band (you know they're gonna have some guests). So if you can't make it to Charlotte, try to catch up with us at the Raleigh shows.

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