Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Install Update

The install is going just fine. I finished most of what I needed to do in about twenty minutes. We had allotted sixty. It's OK that we had the extra time -- it's taking the other developer that much time to finish his part of the install anyway.

So, while I'm waiting for the rest of the install to be complete, when we can test and confirm the installation was successful, I've been playing my mandolin. I've been putting on a nice little concert and taking requests. My manager asked me to call into the conference bridge and play a little bit for the other managers who were on the call, 'cause it would help lighten the mood. So I called in and played a few bars of Cripple Creek.

I think it really confused some of the west coast people to have a few bars of bluegrass played in the middle of an installation teleconference. I hung up and left it so my manager could explain.

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