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Busy Weekend

It's been an exhausting weekend. I'm pretty much going to be lazy the rest of the day today.

Friday night, there was the install at work. It went very well. It wasn't completely smooth, but the wrinkles that came up were pretty easy to handle. The other folks working the install were top-notch and we all worked well together.

I got home about six o'clock in the morning, where yarbiedoll was working on some yummy muffins. I ended up falling asleep before they were ready.

We had some folks over to the house Saturday morning so we can all chat about various things related to our community. They arrived about eight o'clock, and yarbiedoll came and woke me up when they started arriving. It would have been great if I could have continued sleeping, but I really wanted to be able to chat with my neighbors some. We had a good chat for a few hours and it was great to get to know my neighbors better. Plus, I got to enjoy one of those yummy muffins that yarbiedoll made.

After everyone left, I had hoped to be able to get a nap before going out yesterday afternoon, but there was really no time for that. We had a family reunion to go to (yarbiedoll's family, on her father's side) and still had a few things to get together before going. For example, we had gathered a lot of information to make a family tree chart, and I needed the trim the edges of the paper so I could tape it together and have it look good. By the time we finished up the things we were getting together around the house, it was time to go -- we stopped and picked up some mums from Lowe's to use as table decorations and headed out to Winston-Salem, where we arrived about an hour before the scheduled start time of the reunion. yarbiedoll immediately jumped into getting the tables set up and helping aunt_toad and Aunt M. out in the kitchen. I did the arts-n-crafts project of taping the family tree charts together. People started arriving about four and I got to meet a lot of folks whose names I knew only from working on the chart. It was really neat and reminded me of the reunions that my family does every year. I hope that this side of the family increases the frequency of these kinds of reunions -- it seems as though they have them every three or four years. I also wish I was not as exhausted so I could have been more sociable.

At the reunion, lots of folks provided some updates and corrections to the information we had for the family tree chart and I expect to get more updates in the mail over the next few weeks -- several people took blank forms home and told me that they were going to consult family Bibles and other information to help fill out the gaps. That's really exciting.

After the reunion, aunt_toad, yarbiedoll and I stayed around to help Aunt M. clean up. Eventually, everything was packed up and we were all ready to go. It's a good thing, too, 'cause I was almost completely out of steam. We were hoping to be able to go to beeler and reba_quate's house for a party they were having last night, but were just too exhausted. I also thought that most people had probably already left by then, so we just came home and crashed.

I had already decided that I wouldn't be planning on going to church today so I could sleep late. I rolled out of bed around ten and headed downstairs to work on the air conditioner some more. Based on the suggestion from sidelobe that the drain pipe might have algae growing in it, I searched the net and discovered that it's a good idea to run a diluted bleach solution through the drain pipe -- it kills algae and can help loosen up crud. I did that and hooked the wet-dry vacuum up to the outside pipe. I've definitely loosened something up -- some crud came out when I ran the vacuum and the pipe is draining at a good steady trickle now. The pipe still obviously has some sort of obstruction in it, but it's probably good enough for now. I've been running the air conditioner for almost four hours now -- the drain pan is not overflowing and the unit is not freezing. I think we're out of the woods. As soon as we finish painting the den and cleaning out the basement, I think I'm going to have a professional come by and do the maintenance that you're supposed to have done annually (I've never had it done). Part of that involves blowing compressed air through the drain pipe, which will probably take care of whatever debris is still in there causing the clog. In the mean time, I'll keep running diluted bleach solution through the pipe every day and using the wet-dry vacuum to suck debris out.

Right now, I'm watching the NASCAR race and reading blogs. I think I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

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