Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

The Diebold ATM Media Player

Thanks to David on ST-J, I am happy to show you The Diebold ATM Media Player
The Event: A newly installed Diebold Opteva 520 ATM crashes, then reboots. Suprizingly, it's vanilla-style Windows XP operating system initialized without the actual ATM software.
The Result: A desktop computer with only a touch screen interface is left wide open for the amusement of the most wired university in the U.S.
Read about how they turned an ATM into a digital jukebox before an annoyed faculty member pulled the plug. The frightening part:
The story is humorous until one realizes that Diebold is the leading producer of electronic voting machines. We can all look forward to playing Minesweeper while exercising our citizenship.

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