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I've been saving some money lately and I'm here to share my secrets with you.

Yesterday, thanks to a tip from ST-J I switched my web hosting account to DreamHost. They're currently running a sale where their basic plan is just $0.77/month. So for less than what I was paying per month with my old host, I'm signed up for a year of hosting with DreamHost. The sale couldn't have come at a better time, as I've been wanting to move to a host that supports PHP. Transferring over to them was a piece of cake -- I just uploaded my web site to their machine and told GoDaddy to point greg.cohoon.name to their name servers. A few minutes later, I noticed that DreamHost was serving my pages instead of my old company. I'm also more impressed with the administrative web interface at DreamHost than I was with my old hosting company. I don't know how much longer their sale will last, but it looks like a great deal. If you end up signing up with DreamHost, please be sure to tell them that "drmellow" sent you when they ask how you were referred.

If saving money on my web hosting yesterday wasn't enough, I also got a great deal on some CD blanks. CompUSA was selling spindles of 50 TDK CD-Rs as "buy one, get one free." So for $16.03, I picked up 100 CD-Rs. I've got salescircular.com and one of my music-related mailing lists to thank for that find. I really like salescircular.com -- they report on what's on sale in a variety of categories, based on state. It's definitely a site worth bookmarking.

Finally, I'm managing to save at least $60 off my cable bill over the course of the next six months. A few weeks ago, at my men's group meeting at church, one of the members got up and told everyone that they could save lots of money on their cable bill by calling the cable company and asking for a "Customer Appreciation Coupon Booklet." He showed the booklet he had and it was full of coupons good for $10 off his bill and coupons for free "on demand" movie purchaces. So the next day, I called the cable company up and asked for a copy fo the "Customer Appreciation Coupon Booklet." The care rep put me on hold a time or two while she checked a few things on my account and filled out the request for the booklet. After a few minutes, she came back and told me that everything was in order and that I should be receiving my coupon book in the next seven to ten business days. Sure enough, a few days later, the booklet arrived. It had the same coupons for $10 off my bill and "on demand" movies. It was also specifically linked to my account -- each of the coupons had my account number hand-written on it. I have no idea what my friend from the men's group did in order to find out about this coupon book, but it was a great deal. FWIW, my cable company is Time-Warner. I don't know if the coupon book is a regional offer or not, but it wouldn't hurt for you to call your company and see if they have something similar.


Oct. 13th, 2004 02:31 pm (UTC)
I use and recommend Dreamhost to everyone I know and all of my non-commercial clients. They have NEVER let me down in 6 years and counting :)

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