Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

NASCAR in Christianity Today

Wow, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s recent brush with NASCAR generated commentary in Christianity Today. I don't normally expect to open my CT and find commentar on NASCAR. The whole controversy seems to be centered on the intent behind the words. Earnhardt is defending himself by claiming that the words were celebratory, not mean-spirited, so he shouldn't have been fined and docked points.

The only weighing in on this subject that I'm going to do is reiterate that I think the whole thing is pretty stupid, with poor behavior from all parties involved. And remark that it's just kinda weird to see this come up in CT, especially since the commentary ends up being more goofy than serious at times, although the do hit it on the head near the end:
This is what's happening to these previously forbidden words; they're losing the ability to shock. It seems strange that Earnhardt's casual obscenity provoked such punishment, when you can't avoid the word in daily life, encountering it on bumper stickers, in movies, and used by nicely-dressed young women out shopping with their children. These words no longer indicate fashionable defiance, but just lack of imagination.

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