Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

NASCAR at Martinsville

Yesterday, I went to the NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway. I was joined by yarbiedoll, drjekyll, beefhyde, beeler, and reba_quate. A good time was had by all -- tailgating both before and after the race, as well as a really fun short-track race. Our seats were in the third row in turn 1 and we had a pretty good view of a lot of the track and most of the pits. Loads and loads of fun.

I was pretty happy with the finish, too, as two of three drivers on my fantasy league team finished in the top five, and I regained the number one rank in our league. I'm only one race ahead of both my father and my father-in-law, so with only four races to go in the season, there's some excitement brewing in our league.

I might write more about the race later, when I have more time (and after I write about the Dixie Classic Fair and supper with tldz and...), but for now, you should check out the post that drjekyll made earlier today, which includes some pictures of how cool our seats were. I think I'll PhotoCrop one of his pictures to make a new icon. I PhotoCropped one of them to make a new race icon for myself.

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