Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

I just sent Dr Pepper some feedback via their online feedback form.

I can't wait 'til January -- can I please have some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper sooner? I live in North Carolina.

Pretty please?

Also, your website has a link to the 2003 Busch Series Racing Schedule that goes to a nonexistant page, on a domain that it appears you no longer own. The link is on the "Partners" page ( Does that tip earn me some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper?

I found another broken link on another of your pages. If you pony up the Pepper, I'll let you know where it is. :-)

I think it's cool that Dr Pepper is a racing sponsor and I hope to see more involvement with NASCAR in the future.

Please send me some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper so I can taunt all of my friends.


Mad props to yarbiedoll for helping me write the letter, especially for getting me to use the phrase pony up the Pepper.

[Edit: xposted to drpepperfreak.]

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