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Nashville Day 3: Johnny Cash

Greg At House Of Cash
Yesterday, I returned to one of the special places for me: The House Of Cash. I've been to Nashville once before -- about ten years ago -- and visited Johnny Cash's business office then, too. Unfortunately, I was unable to go in either time -- the first time because the museum was closed for Thanksgiving, this time because the House Of Cash has been permanently closed to the public for years. If you've seen the video for Hurt, you've seen the House Of Cash and the disrepair that the interior is in -- much of that disrepair is due to flood damage.

Yesterday morning, yarbiedoll and I got up and headed from Nashville to Hendersonville, a few miles northwest of Nashville. When we got to House Of Cash, we pulled over to snap a few pictures, including the one yarbiedoll snapped that accompanies this journal entry. I think it's a great picture -- pretty cool to see me wearing one of my Johnny Cash shirts, standing right there at House Of Cash. It really was neat.

After leaving House Of Cash, we headed back down the road towards Nashville and stopped at Hendersonville Memory Gardens, just a few blocks down the road from House Of Cash, to pay our respects at Johnny and June's graves. The picture we took with the camera phone didn't come out very well at all, due to the bright sun and massive glare. We had our SLR with us, but it's old-school and requires 35mm film, so it will be a little bit before I get those pictures in a digital format.

There are a lot of famous people buried at Hendersonville Memory Gardens, many of whom are connected to Johnny Cash in some fashion -- either by family bonds or through having worked together. For example, in addition to Johnny and June, Hendersonville Memory Gardens is the final resting place for Johnny's father, Ray, and June's legendary mother, Maybelle Carter. We spent a bit of time hanging out, looking at the graves, and paying our respect. It was really special. Since I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the small number of publicly available tickets for the Johnny Cash Tribute Concert that was held shortly after his death, making this visit yesterday helped provide some closure for me.

We've been having a great time on our trip to Nashville this weekend. I'll have to write about some of the other things we've done (attend an awesome solo acoustic concert by Kris Kristofferson at the historic Ryman Auditorium, e.g.) when I get more time, but I wanted to write up a bit about my visit to Johnny Cash while it was still fresh in my memory.
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