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Lunch Plans

About a half-hour ago, I called yarbiedoll to see if she wanted me to bring her anything when I came home for lunch:
drmellow: When I come home for lunch, would you like me to bring you anything?
yarbiedoll (sleepily): No, that's OK. But you can get something for yourself.
drmellow: Are you sure?
yarbiedoll: Where are you going?
drmellow: I might get a Fish Filet from McDonald's.
yarbiedoll: Oh! If you came home with a Fish Filet, I might be jealous.
drmellow: What if I went to Wendy's and got a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger?
yarbiedoll: I don't think I'd be jealous.
drmellow: OK, so you want a Fish Filet?
yarbiedoll: No, but I'd be jealous if you had one and I didn't, so if you get one, you should get me one, too.
drmellow: OK.
About ten minutes later, my phone rang:
drmellow: Hello?
yarbiedoll: I just woke up a little more and realized that if you came home with lunch from just about anywhere, I'd probably be jealous.
drmellow: OK, so what would you like me to get you?
yarbiedoll: Oh, anything I like from wherever you end up going. I'd just be jealous if you had some lunch and I didn't. Wherever you go, just think of me.
drmellow: I am so blogging this.
yarbiedoll: It won't be nearly as effective without my sleepy accent.


Nov. 29th, 2004 10:07 pm (UTC)
I get jealous anytime my husband gets food out and doesn't get me any!

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