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Christmas Pirates

Pirate Christmas
A Pirate Christmas
Mom, me, and yarbiedoll

My parents spent the past several days in Gatlinberg, TN. They stopped by to visit yarbiedoll and me both before and after their Tennessee trip. They spent the weekend with us last weekend -- which was lots of fun, even though 3/4 of us were working through some sort of sickness. They joined me for my Sunday School Christmas party (I should really write an entry about that). Then, they headed off to Tennessee for a few days of fun. Last night, they came back our way and stayed the night before heading back to Maryland today.

In our hanging out last night, my mother suggested that my father get the digital camera out and take some pictures of yarbiedoll and me around our tree. We snapped a couple of dozen pictures, with various permutations of who was the subject. Everyone got a chance to take some pictures and everyone got a chance to be in the pictures. This entry spotlights one of my favorite of the silly pictures, where I think yarbiedoll and I look like Christmas Pirates.

We had a great visit and my parents are now on their way back to Maryland. We'll be seeing them again in a few weeks, when the whole extended family gathers for Christmas celebrations.


Dec. 12th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, at first glance she appears to be cringing, but if you click on the picture to see the bigger version, you'll notice that she's got an evil red pirate eye!

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