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Wallgreen's Construction
Wallgreens construction on the corner of Lawndale Avenue and Pisgah Church Road
They tore down my gas station last February and are replacing it with a Walgreens. I am decidedly not happy about this development. The corner of Lawndale Avenue and Pisgah Church Road used to house a great little gas station. They even had a small garage with a mechanic. It's where I used to get my oil changes and state inspections taken care of. It was great, because it was within walking distance from my office. Even after I changed jobs, I still frequented the station because it was close to my house. It was also on the main road I took whenever I was leaving town, so it was always a great place to top off the gas tank before going on a trip.

Then, the garage shut down. So I got my oil changes and inspections done somewhere else, but I still used that station as my primary fueling location. Then, last February, they tore the station down. I was hoping it was going to be replaced with a different gas station, because that corner is a great place to have a gas station.

After a while, they started construction of something new. It was obvious that it wasn't going to be a gas station. A few weeks after construction started, I noticed a stack of lumber with "Walgreens" spray painted on it. A few weeks after that, they put up a "Coming Soon -- Walgreens" sign by the construction. I'm not happy about this at all. Within a mile of this spot, there is at least a CVS, an Eckerd's, and probably more pharmacies that I'm forgetting. This corner does not need another pharmacy! A gas station is much more useful. It's true that there are several other gas stations near the corner, but I always thought that corner was a great spot for a gas station.


On my way back from lunch today, I snapped the attached picture while stopped at the stoplight. I was on Pisgah Church Road heading away from Battleground Avenue (east, I think). So that's what the corner gas station near my office looks like now. In addition to losing a gas station, I'm losing a bit of a view. The triangle patch of land that was bordered by Pisgah Church Road, Lawndale Avenue, and Martinsville Road used to have a decent view while driving on any of the sides of the triangle. Now, there's going to be a huge, hulking, sterile building to mar the landscape.


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