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Low Turnout At Today's Sunday School Class

We had a low turnout at Sunday School this morning. I wasn't too surprised -- the weather has been nasty lately and I think a lot of people were expecting the roads to be treacherous. It turns out that the roads were in pretty good shape and it wasn't that big a deal. Even so, including myself, there were eight people in class today (we usually have at least twenty-five).

So, with the low turnout, we decided to skip the lesson and just sit around and chat. Quite frankly, for me this was one of the most enjoyable classes we've had. It's nice to have time to simply chat with folks in the class and get to know them better. By and large, before starting to teach this class, I didn't know many of the class members. Weekly discussion-style lectures haven't done much to help me get to know the members very well, but hanging around like we did this morning helps tremendously.

One of the neat things we talked about today was scrapbooking. One of the class members takes part of the scrapbooking club and Bible study that meets at the church. When I has seen the announcements about a Scrapbooking Bible Study, I always kinda snickered at the thought, but when the class member described what was involved, it really sounded a lot more interesting, fun, and theological than I thought it was. She said that she'd bring one of her completed scrapbooks to class to show us. I think that will be really neat and can't wait to see it.

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