Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Contact Lens vs. My Eye

Last night, while I slept, my left eye and the contact lens in it must have had a fight. And my eye won. I woke up this morning with a little blurred vision in my left eye, but that's not too unusual as my eyes meet the day, so I didn't think very much of it. Usually, there's just a little gunk in the eye that clears out after about an hour or so.

When I got to work, my eye was still bothering me a little bit, so I looked at it a little closer. That's when I noticed that there's not a contact lens in it anymore. I guess my eye decided to kick it out as I slept. My right eye must have been strong enough to compensate to the point that I didn't realize that I was missing a lens.

But as the day has gone on, and I find myself staring at my computer screen more and more, my vision is getting worse. I'm going to have to go home soon and either find a contact for my left eye or put my eyeglasses on. Grrrrrr.

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