Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Late Night Testing

I'm back in the office again, doing more late night testing. I've already been here for almost 2 hours, and I expect I'll be here for another 2.5 hours still. I will probably sleep all day tomorrow. Maybe Saturday, too.

The test I had set up seems to be taking about twice as long as I anticipated. I wanted it to be finished in an hour. Now, an hour and twenty minutes into the test, it's only about 2/3 complete. I thought I did the math right to estimate the time. Perhaps my math was right, but the tests are simply taking longer than expected.

Whatever the case, I've modified the parameters for future tests so that it *should* fit in an hour or less time slot.

I'm so tired. But at least I have my contact lens back.

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