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Bye-Bye GOP

After visiting the NC State Board of Elections website, I downloaded and filled out the North Carolina Voter Registration Form to update my voter registration. I haven't really been a Republican for some time (I haven't changed, the party has), so I decided that it's time to change my party affiliation to better reflect my political views and the current state of the political parties. So, until the Republican Party returns to its conservative principles, I'll be a Libertarian.

For those of you wondering, yes, it's the terrible way that the Republicans have handled the Schiavo case that finally pushed me over the edge. Without wanting to get into moral/ethical issues involved (they're complicated issues, and I will not debate them in my journal), I think it's pretty clear from a legal/Constitutional standpoint that the behavior of the Republican Congress and the President is completely in oposition to the concept of a federal government. See Ammendment X to the Constitution. No matter what you think should happen in the case, I seems clear that the state of Florida has jurisdiction. And the state of Florida has already spoken on the matter. Repeatedly.

And, really, no matter what the outcome of the situation is, it's a sad situation all around. I think on that, we can all agree.

Edit: I'm actually not completely pleased with the Libertarian Party, either. I'll probably just go "Unaffiliated" instead.

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