Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

When You're A Jet...

I woke up from my annual post-Easter nap to find West Side Story on the TV (TCM, I think -- there don't seem to be any commercials). That's pretty cool. I quite dig that movie. I also like the thought of gangs getting together to negotiate the terms of an upcoming fight, and even considering limiting the weapons available. I think that we'd live in a better country if more of the gangs behaved like that. And also if they sang and danced.

In other news, thanks to tawnyleona for the transcriptions for my phone posts from after Easter rounds were complete and after the Sunrise service. I wish there were a way to lock down a phone post to prevent further transcription attempts while retaining attribution for the person who gave the transcription, instead of saying "multiple users" or whatever it says.

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