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Thanks for everyone who played the "How Well Do You Know Dr. Mellow" quiz.

OK. I screwed this one up, too, and now I can't get to see the questions and answers anymore. I'll try to remember the "less correct" answers in my discussion. Here are the results:

When is Dr. Mellow's birthday?
You could find out by looking at my LJ profile that it's December 14. I'll be thirty this year.

Why "Dr. Mellow?"
Yeah, I used it as a userid in CATT, it's on my license plate, etc. But the origin is that when I was in high school, a friend started an underground newspaper that I wrote for. We couldn't use our real names because my friend didn't want to get caught -- he was using school office supplies and copiers to distribute the rag -- so we all made up names. I've always been pretty laid-back, so "mellow" came naturally. Plus, I love Mello Yello soda. "Mr. Mellow" sounded stupid, so I gave myself a PhD. Which is cool, 'cause I also love Dr. Pepper soda.

Pick a number
3 is the closest integer approximation to pi, so it wins overall. 314 is a hundred pi, so it sometimes wins when I pick between 1 and 1000. 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, so that's pretty cool. 2 is the result of floor(e). And 316 is a reference to John 3:16, so it's not wrong, either. They're all good numbers. I just gave some of them more weight than others, depending on my mood at the time. But 3 wins.

Who is Dr. Mellow's favorite NASCAR driver?
I started listening to NASCAR on the radio when I moved to North Carolina for college. Kyle Petty has always been my favorite. But since he has a tendency to not qualify, much less perform well, anymore, You could have gotten some good points by picking Dale Jarrett, who is my favorite driver "with a chance." I dislike Jeff Gordon. Very much so. Earnhardt, I could take or leave.

Who is Dr. Mellow's favorite singer?
The Man In Black, Johnny Cash, wins hands down. David Allan Coe rocks, too, as does Willie Nelson. I am definitely not my own favorite singer.

What is Dr. Mellow's favorite movie?
"The Princess Bride." Hands down. I also really like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" -- they don't make 'em like that anymore. "The Matrix" is super-cool. I hate "The Birds," although I love almost everything else Hitchcock did, especially "Rope." I'm not a fan of "Pay It Forward," either.

What is Dr. Mellow's favorite song?
"Amazing Grace" wins hands down. "Funny How Time Slips Away" is a pretty good runner-up. "Copa Cabanna" is almost always guaranteed to make me get down with my bad self. I forget what my other two choices were.

Who did Dr. Mellow vote for in the last presidential primary?
I'm staunchly conservative. I happily voted for Alan Keyes. Bonus point to those of you who knew (correctly guessed?) that one.

What is Dr. Mellow's first name?

What is Dr. Mellow's favorite color?
Black. Red was a good choice, too. Green and purple were OK choices. You would have even gotten 1 point for picking pink.

I obviously missed discussing some of the "less correct" choices above. If there's something you remember from my quiz that I didn't address here, that's what the comments are for. I'll be happy to clear it up.

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