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I Hung My Head

I'm listening to my copy of American IV: The Man Comes Around, which I haven't listened to in a little while, and I'm really struck by the lyrics to the songs that he chose to include on this album. I really enjoy them and think they're well-done lyrics.

In particular, I present a bit from I Hung My Head, lyrics by Gordon Sumner (BKA Sting):
I Hung My Head
Lyrics: Sting

Here in the courthouse, the whole town is there
I see the judge high up in his chair "
Explain to the courtroom what went through your mind
And we'll ask the jury what verdict they find"
I said "I felt the power of death over life
I orphaned his children, I widowed his wife
I beg their forgiveness, I wish I was dead"
I hung my head, I hung my head.
The other songs on the album are great, too: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Personal Jesus, In My Life, Bridge Over Troubled Water, etc.

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