Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

DTB Banner

In preparation for tomorrow night's Derek Trucks Band concert, yarbiedoll and I are making a banner. Originally, we were going to to try to suspend it from the balcony railing, but then we decided that there would probably be too many lights. So we decided we'd make something that we could just hold up from our seats. We were going to just use fabric paint on a light background, but then yarbiedoll said she could sew letters onto a banner instead, so we went that route. That left me with very little I could help with, so I've been folding fabric and taking pictures. Enjoy the couple of snapshots here. I'll post a photo of the completed project when we're done.

We're looking forward to a good show tomorrow night. A bunch of folks I know from having met at other shows and from the online DTB forums are planning a get together before the show, wich I think will be a blast. It looks like there might be 15 of us or so. I bet we do something after the show, too.

DTB Banner DTB Banner
yarbiedoll working on the DTB banner.

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