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Excellent Derek Trucks Band Show

yarbiedoll, sidelobe, and I had a great time at the Derek Trucks Band show -- we ended up catching up with a lot of our friends that we see at shows, and making new friends. After the show, the band signed autographs, so we stood in line and got some pieces autographed. I'll probably put pictures up later. After the autograph line, a handful of use went across the street for some drinks and hanging out, which was loads of fun. We came home about 12:30. yarbiedoll and I are hosting M and T tonight -- they came up for the show. M is a taper, so when we got home, we listened to the concert all over again on his mini-disc. It sounds good -- I'm looking forward to getting a copy.

Mostly, I'm still kinda procrastinating. I keep finding excuses to not finish my Sunday School preparation, like writing in my blog.

I wonder what the members of my Sunday School class would think if they knew that I did my lesson preparation at 3am while listening to the Grateful Dead....

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