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Derek Trucks Band in Greensboro

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yarbiedoll With The DTB Banner.
Last night was a great time at the Derek Trucks Band concert at the historic Carolina Theatre. I've been bugging the band's management to play this venue for a couple of years and I'm really glad that everything has come together for a great show in a great location. As yarbiedoll pointed out, it was also really nice to be able to go see our favorite band without having to drive a few hours to get to the venue. A ten-minute drive from the house to the venue is hard to beat.

Before the show, yarbiedoll and I headed downtown to Natty Greene's, where we met up with other folks for supper before the show. About fifteen people from the DTB mailing lists and web forums were going to be gathering, and since yarbiedoll and I were the local fans, we ended up acting as the host couple -- making the call-ahead reservation, etc. We got to Natty Greene's just in time for our reservation, and seemed to be the first to arrive. We moved some tables together, and shortly afterwards, another couple of folks showed up. A little later, someone else showed up. By this time, it was about 30 minutes after the meet-up time and only about half our party had showed up. *sigh* I hate organizing things like this and having a bunch of no-shows. It turned out not to be much of a problem -- we just gave up some of the empty tables and went on with our meal. As it turns out, some of the other people we were expecting ended up getting seated in another section of the restaurant, so we didn't feel totally abandoned, just a little annoyed about the mix-up.

Anyway, it was great to hang out with some of the other fans and put faces to names that I've been seeing in the various message boards. It turns out that just before we ordered, Derek Trucks and Mike Mattison came in for supper. They recognized a couple of the folks at our table and came and chatted with us. We offered them space at our table, but they politely declined in favor of a table to themselves. I don't blame them -- a nice quiet(ish) supper before playing a show is probably much more enjoyable than sharing a table with a bunch of fans who will probably end up pestering them the whole time. Besides, Derek and Mike were in and out fairly quickly, while we ended up hanging out at the restaurant a bit longer.

After a great supper, we walked over to the theatre and found our seats in the balcony. The band took the stage to an almost full house a little bit after 8 and proceeded to play a great show. About 20 minutes into the first set, we were joined by sidelobe. I also ended up sitting next to someone else whose name I know from the web boards, but had never met in real life. It really is great to put names and faces together, especially when so many of the fans really operate as a community -- a sort of extended family. I handed out some business cards advertising RadioDTB, so maybe I'll end up getting a few new listeners to the podcast.

During the intermission, yarbiedoll, sidelobe, and I attached the banner to the balcony with the help of some duct tape we bummed off of one of our taper friends. It ended up working pretty well. I took a picture from the floor, but it was still kinda dark for picture-taking. With the help of photoshop, I was able to bring out the colors a little better, at the expense of a more grainy exposure. The banner came out great, and we got lots of compliments from other folks at the show.

After the show, the band was kind enough to sit out in the lobby and sign autographs. We went through the line and I got them to autograph a poster we picked up last night and a poster we picked up at the New Years Eve show that I brought hoping to get autographed. yarbiedoll had them autograph the banner, which the band really seemed to appreciate. She and sidelobe opened it up again for the band to see up close. We told them that we'd be bringing it to the Asheville show on Wednesday, and they all seemed very happy to hear that. I told Derek that I hope they'd come back to Greensboro again and he said that he really liked the layout and sound of the room.

After the show cleared out, M and T joined sidelobe, yarbiedoll, and me for a couple of drinks at a pub across the street. We headed home about midnight and settled in for a good night's sleep. It was a great evening. I'm already looking forward to the next show.

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