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Radio DTB got some nice promotion last night, in the form of a radio interview on the Honest Tunes Radio Show. Daniel Gold, the interviewer, asked Derek about downloading live DTB shows from places like The Live Music Archive, and Derek said that it was pretty cool. Then, Derek mentioned my podcast -- he said it was really cool and that I was a great guy.


That's pretty cool that the first mention of Radio DTB in the interview was from Derek, and not from the interviewer. Gold went on and described the podcast in a little more detail, too, so I hope that a few more people will check it out.

I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to catch the interview live on the webstream. I was just hoping that someone would have recorded it and I'd be able to listen to it later. I had no idea that they'd mention Radio DTB in the interview, but I started getting emails and instant messages last night from people who heard the interview and wanted to let me know that I was mentioned. So then I was really hoping that someone captured the steram and would make it available so I could hear it myself.

Someone did: Derek Trucks Interview (12.7MB, 28 min) (saved by rosshmusic from the Hittin' The Web site). The whole interview is great -- I especially like how Daniel got Derek to talk about some of the Indian influences in his music. The part where they mention Radio DTB starts at about 18:25.


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Apr. 22nd, 2005 03:00 am (UTC)
I missed the interview, but I can check it out now. Nice to hear Derek acknowledging the podcast!
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