Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

A Riddle For fettman, yarbiedoll, et. al.

One point will be awarded to the first person to explain the following. Bonus points are available.

Cold weather outside of whatcha, which walk '? _ with decrease it all make forwards and if they can it leave only it to see that I them to like kind that it when we drivin ' into your motor vehicle and they do not become me to speak on however it someone from other circle jed differently it to observe your back like it to be able not them to ease tryin ' around that them it to freshly resemble at a fool at me me to indicate

why to have it go to make thing so with difficulty? I see myself the kind you act, like you someone of other one am receive to me the frustrated life, how this you and you fall, and you to creep, and you break, and you the seizure which you keep and you it into honesty to convert and promise that I will not never find scythe him to you no No. of

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