Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Anthony Gregory: A Week of Bush Is Like A Year of Clinton

A Week of Bush Is Like A Year of Clinton by Anthony Gregory

The number of deceptions, prevarications, miscalculations, bungles, calamities, usurpations, and out-right atrocities of which the Bush administration and its kept Republican Congress are guilty, only in any given week, boggles the mind, and evokes a depressing swell of nostalgia for the Clinton years....

In the last four years we have witnessed the greatest explosion of government power and size since the LBJ-Nixon policies of guns in Asia, butter at home. Budgets, deficits, federal spending, social programs, body count – no matter how you slice it, examine it, analyze it – adjusted for inflation, indexed to gross national product or setting aside non-discretionary spending (as if the government simply couldn’t cut that) – the Bush years constitute one of the saddest episodes in American history....

Read the full essay....
Yup, this is one of the reasons the Republican party left me. The Republican party keeps moving away from true conservative principles they are supposed to stand behind. My views haven't changed (much) -- I just don't find them represented by the Republicans any more.

Normally, I only quote a paragraph from essays like this. With this one, however, it was hard to even choose two. No matter what side of the aisle you sit on politically, if you care about US politics at all, I encourage you to read the whole piece. If you're already not a fan of Bush, it'll reinforce your view and possibly give you more ammo. If you are a fan of the current administration, it'll present you with some arguments that you should be prepared to defend against.

The really disappointing thing is that as much as I'm unhappy with the current administration, I'm almost positive that I'd be even more unhappy had Kerry won the presidential election. It seems that the Republicans are enjoying their position as head of the executive branch and holding a majority in the legislative branch. It won't last -- I expect that next year's Congressional election will be the wake-up call they don't seem to be recognizing is brewing now.

Really, more and more, I'm becoming unhappy with the current two-party system -- especially when it's difficult to find many substantial differences between the two parties.

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