Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

1100 Miles Of Racing (And Stuff)

Ahhh... Memorial Day Sunday. For me, this means the traditional 1100 miles of racing: 500 in Indianapolis and 600 in Charlotte. I also get to have my own little competition: can I stay awake through all 1100 miles? The best part about my own competition is that either way -- I stay awake or I don't -- I win!

After getting back from Sunday School today, I made it out to the park for a walk/jog. I was out there a little less than an hour. I think I jogged about 2/5 of the circuit, which I think is an almost 2 mile circuit. Anyway, of course I felt great after my exercise. It's still not become a habit for me, but I'm trying.

Danica's in 4th place right now. It would be cool to see her lead a lap or even win. The folks who are complaining that she has an unfair advantage because she's about 100 pounds lighter than the rest of the field have a little bit of a point -- the lighter the car, the faster. But you know, there were lots of complaints the first time someone showed up to compete in the Indy 500 without an on-board mechanic (which lowered to total weight of the car by a man's weight). You know what you do? You deal with it. If you're a driver, you do everything you can to keep your weight down. Maybe the series needs to chair their minimum weight restriction to be "including driver" instead of "not including driver," but if they did that, people would still end up complaining. *shrug*

I think I'll win my challenge of staying awake through all 1100 miles of racing today 'cause I've got something else to do while watching the race -- finish reorganizing my computer. You see, I installed Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) on my laptop Friday night and I've been slowly moving my old preferences, apps, etc. back on the machine. Plus, just playing with the new OS is fun.

Oh, neat. Danica just lead lap 66, making her the first woman to lead a lap at the Indy 500. Good for her.

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