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Up Late Working

I'm up late working on the next edition of Radio DTB and listening to Closet Deadhead. I've got time to listen to some GD while working on Radio DTB 'cause working on this podcast involves a lot of time waiting for slow computers to do the math required to convert large audio files to MP3s of reasonable size.

Plus, Closet Deadhead is lots of fun to listen to.

/me twiddles thumbs....

ETA: Ah, just got to the last of the very time-consuming steps. It's going to take over an hour to convert about 30 minutes of audio to MP3, where I'll have a little bit more to do before posting the finished product. I'm not going to stay up 'till after three just to get his podcast out tonight. If I have enough time to do it before work tomorrow, I will. Otherwise, I just created my lunch plans for tomorrow.
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