Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Photography: Flora and Fauna

After supper tonight, yarbiedoll and I saw some bunnies playing near our neighborhood entrance. By the time I grabbed the camera and headed back, they were gone.

Bunnies and 'Shrooms!
I walked around a little bit and spotted one of the bunnies. I spent the next 20 minutes stalking it and attempting to photograph it. After ditching all of the photographs that weren't worth keeping, I was down to two, which you can see in my Bunnies Album.

After that, I grabbed the macro lens and took a bunch of pictures of a clump of mushrooms. Naturally, they're in my Mushrooms Album. It was fun taking those, but it meant I was laying in the wet grass and parking lot trying to get close enough to shoot. I ended up capturing a couple of bugs in this series, too -- a gnat on one mushroom and a little bug on a blade of grass near another one.

It was lots of fun, and I'll probably look for more photo opportunities in the future. I learned a couple of lessons, too: 1) we really need a good telephoto lens to take pictures of bunnies and 2) it's hard to keep the camera still when doing macro work.

The photos have absolutely no post-production work done on them, except the cropping for the two bunny pictures. If I get inspired, I'll probably run a few of them through Photoshop Elements and see what I can do.

Yes, I put the mushrooms in an album named Flora, which isn't technically correct since they're fungi and not plants. But Flora and Fauna sounded better than Fungi and Fauna.

Tags: photography

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