Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Phone Post: DTB @ Bele Chere


"Crow Jane" in the background. Cool breeze in the air. It doesn't get better than Bele Chere.

119K 0:38
“[Audio quality is terrible.] Hey! It's Dr. Mellow, hanging out at Bele Chere ["Chere" mispronounced]. I'm listing to the Derek Trucks Band playing one of my favorite songs, "Crow Jane," a Skip James blues classic. Take a listen. [Several seconds of "Crow Jane."] Mike really kills it on the falsettos there and Derek is having a great time -- everyone is having a great time. It's beautiful weather here in Asheville. With beautiful music. A beautiful festival. I'll catch y'all later -- Dr. Mellow, signing out.”

Transcribed by: drmellow
Tags: dtb

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