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Flood Damage

Flood Damage
Flood Damage
Most of these books were damaged in the Basement Flood of '05. A few are salvagable.
These are the books I lost in the basement flood. One books seems undamaged: it was a Batman book (hardcover) that was still shrink-wrapped since I never got around to reading it. Two of the books appear salvagable: "In The Beginning" (a book about Genesis) and a copy of (a translation of) the Dead Sea Scrolls. They're on the left of the picture. There's a big stack of books on the right that are beyond salvage: several of a theological bent, a few political ones, and a few bicycle-related books. I won't be replacing them.

Three books are unsalvagable and need to be replaced: "Batman: The Complete History" and two Batman trade paperbacks -- "Cataclysm" and "Knightfall" (Part 1). That one in the middle is the history of Batman coffee table book. yarbiedoll said that she was sad when she saw that some of my Batman books were destroyed. That coffee table book is probably the worst of the damage from my perspective.

Also, there was a collection of emails and a journal from my last job. They were all from about a year before I was finally able to move back to my current job -- just when things started to get hellish. I had started keeping a journal and copies of emails and IM conversations in order to document an a trail of how management was sticking it to me. At the time, it really looked like they were trying to make me look bad and fire me. Now, four years later, reviewing the papaer trail, it still looks like that's what they were trying to do. It's no big deal now, though -- I'm back with a job I usually enjoy, working with people I like. The papers might could have been salvaged -- they were damp, but still able to be pulled apart individually.

It wasn't worth saving them.

I just read through them all again, remembered how I was getting screwed at the time, and put them in the pile that was going to the trash. I figure if I ever got in an employment situation where a potential employer was asking me about details of that part of my career history, wasn't satisfied with my reason for leaving being that I found a better opportunity with more potential for leadership and growth, and needed a paper record of how management was treating me, it wouldn't help. In a situation like that, I could have a note written in triplicate, signed by the Almighty, and they still wouldn't be satisfied. All of that was 3-4 years ago and I've firmly put that behind me and established a new, solid work history with my current job.

So the end result is that I got rid of another box full of "stuff" that's just taking up space.

Also, wet paper really stinks.

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