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No Longer Safe for Work: Blogs

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No Longer Safe for Work: Blogs

Robert Mason (not his real name) would love to spend a few minutes during lunch catching up on blog posts from around the web, but his company doesn't allow it. The financial institution where Mason works as a vice president has security filters set up to block access to -- among other things -- any website that contains the phrase "blog" in the URL.

What's more, says Mason, such practices are becoming prevalent in corporate America, particularly in financial services. Mason sits on a roundtable privacy group of 20 of the country's largest banks. "My best understanding is that my company's anti-blog stance is the industry norm," he says.

Yes, blogging can be a waste of time at work. And I suppose that there's a risk employees will post sensitive information on blogs or comments. But, really, I think it's rather shortsighted to block blog access from the workplace. I, for example, use some technology related blogs as a legitimate part of the information gathering that my job requires. Were my company to attempt a wholesale block of blogs, they would take a valuable tool away from me that I use to do my job.

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