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The Smell Of Naplam In The Morning

Well, no, I didn't actually experience the smell of napalm this morning. But I did go see "Apocalypse Now" this evening.


I had never seen this movie before. Earlier in the week, as I was looking up times for "Don't Say A Word" (aka "Don't See This Stinky Movie"), I noticed that "Apocalypse Now" was playing and decided I wanted to see it. First, I wonder if Francis Ford Coppola is capable of making a movie under two hours in length. At three-and-a-half hours, this was quite an investment in my time. But, wow. Watching the film, I really didn't notice the length. It was something else. I really don't know how to describe it. It's just something you have to experience for yourself. (Be warned, it is raw -- graphic depictions of violence and bunches of coarse language.)

Poking about at this website, I see that it took "more than a year of filming, countless disasters on the set, a heart attack by Martin Sheen in the middle of principal shooting, and nine months of editing." Wow.

This is one of those times where I just kinda reevaluate things. I'll never understand VietNam. And now, with all the talk about our war on terrorism -- especially the talk about how it will be a war fought differently than any other war -- I think I'll never understand it, either.

VietNam had "Apocalypse Now." Desert Storm had "Three Kings." What will "Operation Enduring Freedom" produce?

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