Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Voice Post: Downtown Greensboro

270K 1:18
“Hey LiveJournal, it's uh, Dr. Mellow, and I got--- I'm in downtown Greensboro right now, and I gotta tell ya --- I *love* where I live now.

So close to the downtown ... It's just a uh, quick uh, a quick little ride, and boom --- I'm downtown.

Uh, parked about a block away from the movie theater, I'm walkin' to the theater now. Gonna go watch Rear Window, a *great* Hitchcock film, with uh, James Stewart (one of my favorite actors of all time), and uh, (of course) Miss Grace Kelly --- uhh, what can I say?

Anyway, uh, I'm almost at the theater now, so uh --- hey, it's pretty neat: They've got a little karate shop right next to the theater, and I hear the karate screams coming out. I guess a dojo or a martial arts training--- hey I hear the karate screams coming out!

I tell ya --- I love downtown!

And, uh, downtown Greensboro's gettin' better and better e-v-e-r-y time I come. So uh, I love it! I plan to spend *more* time down here.

Uh, maybe uh, when it warms up again, I'll come down and just uh, walk around in the downtown --- that'll be lots of fun.

Uh, anyway --- (well) I'm at the theater now, I'm gonna enjoy a *great* show. And um ...

Y'all take care of yourselves out there.”

Transcribed by: bartacus
Tags: movies

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