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Barry Tested Positive for Cocaine Use In the Fall

The more things change, the more they stay the same:
Barry Tested Positive for Cocaine Use In the Fall

D.C. Council member Marion Barry tested positive for cocaine use in the fall in a drug test ordered by a court after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, according to two sources familiar with Barry's case.

Barry, who served four terms as mayor and was elected to the Ward 8 council seat in 2004, has since begun treatment for drug use, the sources said, but Barry's failure to pass the mandatory drug test puts him in legal jeopardy.
It doesn't look like this guy will ever stay clear of the law. More troubling to than the drug allegations, however, is the fact that Barry appears to be flaunting tax law by neglecting to pay his taxes:
The tax case involves Barry's failure to pay most of his federal and D.C. income taxes for six years after his fourth term as mayor ended in January 1999. Prosecutors said he received more than $530,000 in income over the next six years but did not document most of it. Barry's plea agreement also calls for him to make arrangements to resolve his tax debts.

Read the full article....
I don't know what the District of Columbia will have to do for me to ever think about District politics without thinking of corruption. That's plain sad.

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