Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Tool Chest

One of the several awesome things I got for Christmas this year was a Craftsman Tool Chest. Five drawers plus a top tray for my tool storage needs. It's completely awesome. My tools were getting very crowded in the moderate-sized toolbox that I've had for a long time and I've been wanting to find a more permanent storage solution. Since moving to the new house, I realized I had enough room to consider a dedicated solution. With the addition of this tool chest, the dedication solution is shaping up. Even better, my toolbox can now be a mobile toolbox again -- prior to the tool chest, my toolbox was simply too heavy to be considered a mobile solution.

I finally took some time last night to arrange my tools in the new tool chest. Just before going to see Rear Window, I moved my screwdrivers to one of the drawers. When I got home, I filled the rest of the drawers with the rest of my tools. My tool chest is now almost completely full, but I've arranged my tools with plenty of spare room in the drawers so as I acquire more tools, they should be easily integrated into the chest. Also, I can always acquire a tool chest extension if I need to. ;-) My toolbox is now completely empty, so I can fill it up with tools as needed and carry them around from job to job.

It's really fun opening up the drawers in my tool chest and looking at all my tools laid out.
Tags: tools

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