Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

The Republicans Want Money

It's amusing that a few days ago I was complaining about how the Republicans are no longer conservative and the next day, I received my "2006 Sustaining Member Drive" letter from the RNC. Really, I don't think I've given money to the RNC since the late nineties, but they still hit me up for at least $35 a year.

I really thought that when they called me last year and I told them about how I switched my voter registration that they'd leave me alone. I guess not.

For the first time in years, I'm going to return their letter in the convenient postage-paid envelope. I cut the "membership card" in half and am returning that. In the "Contribution" line, I checked "Other" and wrote in "0". Then I wrote an extra note, hoping that they'll finally take me off their list:
I am no longer a Republican. Since the party has left its conservative principles, it forced real conservatives like me out. Like Reagan said -- "I didn't leave the party, it left me." Once you return to conservative values, I will consider re-registering as Republican. Until then, I am "Unaffiliated" and spend my energy helping parties such as the Libertarians and the Constitution Party.

Remove me from all of your lists.
Maybe they'll get the hint.

Rockin' Horse - The Allman Brothers Band - 2005/03/12: Beacon Theatre - New York, NY
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