Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Wired News: NASCAR in the Clouds

Starting in 2007, air races might be coming back:
NASCAR in the Clouds

It's being billed as the 21st century's newest and greatest sport: rocket-powered airplanes racing around a 2-mile-wide, 5,000-foot-high racetrack, blasting out 10-foot-long flames.

"The viewer experience will be unlike anything you've ever seen in motor sports," said Rocket Racing League CEO George Whitelaw at a press conference in New York this week announcing the league's first team. He should know; he's a two-time champion IndyCar team owner.

Read the full story....
Right now, it seems more like vaporware than anything else: only one of the ten teams have been formed, they're still trying to find some places to race, etc. If they can pull this off, though, I think rocket racing would be really fun.

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