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Daily Walk

I got up in plenty of time for today's walk. I did what I'm going to call the standard three mile circuit -- about three miles from my house to the Latham Park Greenway, the entire distance of the greenway twice, and back to my house. It's about three miles, and I spent about an hour doing it today. Using different socks definitely made a difference in my foot comfort. I haven't found my wicking socks yet, but I used a better quality sock than I was using in the past and I'm really happy with how my feet feel today.

I spent the time listening to podcasts (Tips From The Top Floor, Hometown Tales, and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!) and looking for good places to hid a geocache. I think I found a winner. I'll check it out some more on subsequent visits, as well as look for other good hiding spots.

Well, now it's off to shower and head out to work.
Tags: geocaching, health, podcasts, walking

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